Rotten Apples Theatrical presents:
Philosophy for Gangsters
Mafia heiress Callie Rizzoli has a lot on her plate. A street gang is fighting to take over her territory. She wants to make someone pay for her parents' deaths. To top it off, she and the philosopher she's kidnapped are lifted to top slot on the FBI's Most Wanted List. A clever, provocative comedy about ideas and messy deaths.
Philosophy For Gangsters is set among the New Jersey mafia.
Pop culture has given us a stereotype that it is a community rich in tradition.
The play gives a group of these stereotypical gangsters some modern ideas, and throws them into a melting pot of changing attitudes, business efficiencies, sensitivity and self-awareness, and an understanding of how to manipulate their public image, all watched over by an ever-present media.
The characters see themselves having honor and taking responsibility.
They want to know more about philosophy.
They come to think that philosophy is responsible for lots of the world's problems.
They decide to do something about it.
Their strong suit is action, so they are more able than most to put a haywire scheme into action.
Which they do, when they kidnap a mild-mannered philosopher.
At first they only want to punish him, but soon they realize that he could be very useful to them.
The philosopher's journey, with the Mafia princess and her henchmen who kidnaps him, provides the story arc of the play.
There's a rival gang, the Alphabet Doggs, their fiery preacher/philosopher, a trio of FBI hounds, and in a minor role, the President of the United States.